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      Laughing Gas

      Nitrous Oxide Dentist Holland, MIDo you have dental anxiety that prevents you from getting the care you need?

      Don’t let a dental phobia get in the way of seeing your dentist and protecting oral health.

      Ask our dentist if laughing gas is right for you. Unlike other types of sedation dentistry, laughing gas wears off quickly so you can drive yourself home or return to work. Laughing gas is also safe to use on patients of all ages.

      Benefits Of Laughing Gas

      Laughing gas is nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. Our dentist is able to administer laughing gas through a mask that fits over your nose. While laughing gas doesn’t dull pain, it will help you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed in the dentist’s chair.

      Unlike sleep dentistry, you’ll be awake and aware during the procedure. This means that you’ll be able to cooperate with our dentist if he needs you to tilt your head or open your mouth wider to access a tooth. Many of our patients ask for nitrous oxide because it helps them relax without making them feel like they’re losing control.

      Ask Dr. VanSlambrouck DDS if laughing gas can help relieve your dental phobia. To schedule your appointment with our Holland laughing gas dentist, call VanSlambrouck Family Dentistry at (616) 394-4700.