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      Pain Relief Solutions

      Pain Relief Solutions Holland, MI DentistDon’t ignore tooth pain.

      A toothache is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.

      The sooner you seek emergency dental care, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid root canal therapy, tooth extraction, and other invasive procedures. Learn more about our pain relief solutions from our Holland dentist at VanSlambrouck Family Dentistry!

      Pain Relief Solutions

      Gum or Tooth Pain

      Most gum or tooth pain is caused by infection. While gum disease and tooth decay can be slow to progress, they can also lead to unbearable pain if left untreated. Our emergency dentist will be able to examine the inside of your mouth for obvious signs of infection. We’ll also take thorough x-rays to determine the source of your pain.

      Jaw Pain

      If you consistently wake up with jaw pain, you’ll want to ask our emergency dentist to examine your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is a hinge connecting your lower jaw to your skull. However, this hinge can weaken when you clench or grind your teeth at night. Our dentist will be able to determine if a TMJ disorder is causing jaw pain. TMJ treatment (like a night guard) can noticeably alleviate jaw and tooth pain so you can get a better night’s sleep.

      Dr. VanSlambrouck DDS and his team provide emergency dental services so you can protect your smile. To schedule emergency dental care with our Holland dentist, call VanSlambrouck Family Dentistry at (616) 394-4700.